Val Cawthon Edit

Val Cawthon (presumably Valerie) is the protagonist of the living room mode, and in the lore of the game, is wife to Scott Cawthon.

Appearance Edit

Prior to Nikson's TJOC:SM anniversary video, we had only seen Val as a silhouette in the living room through an image accessed in the extras menu. She has medium length hair tied back, although some hair at the front is messy in style and neatness. She was modelled in avatar creator program Fuse.

Personality Edit

She is shown to be very much of a pacifist. She doesn't try and fight off any animatronics, unlike the living room beta version that had Scott as the player, because he can be seen trying to stop Foxy slashing and grabbing Bonnie's jaw in the jumpscares. She is very scared, and has some of the most violent deaths seen in jumpscares for any TJOC version or game. She can pick up on things very easily, though, because she points out that Michael shouldn't have known Scott's name because Scott never said it. She is easy to scare, as she immediately jumps at the moment the lights go out.

Trivia Edit

  • Val is technically an OC, as Scott's wife's name is unknown