Ignited Noob
Ignited Noob Conecpt Design
Character Information
Species ROBLOXIan
Gender Male
Color Yellow
Occupation UNKNOWN
Starting location TJOC R: Basement: Ignited Bonnie, Free Roam: First Floor: Ignited Freddy, TJOC: Office
First appearance Easter egg.


he looks like roblox noob but ignited, red eyes, missing leg and arm, haves endo

it was weird that he has endo and blood


TJoC: R Free-Roam Test

he is only seen as an easter egg where he is seen in the window trying to grab you in First Floor: Ignited Freddy. When he grabs you, freddy teleports to where you are and kills you.


he starts within the basement hallways of the house, and is significantly faster than Bonnie. The glow of his red eyes and the thumps of his feet warn you when he is approaching. When you see or hear him, you must run until you are far enough away from Ignited Noob. If he is chasing the player, turning as many corners as possible while running will slow him down slightly. Ignited Noob will begin to chase the player as soon as they enter his line of sight. His jumpscare is very intense because he socks the player in the face with a powerful stab.


he starts in the office waiting and if clicked he kill you and he appears behind the chair if clicked he can sock you in the face with a powerful stab