Here is a post saying that Nikson probably won't continue dev. on TJoC (original):

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to say to you all that you shouldn’t expect me to finish this game, yes, I know, it’s pretty good for a game, but I can’t do much more with it, nothing seems to work.

TNaR showed me that if I make my own characters and lore, I’m not limited to anything, and I won’t be having people saying "Uh but that’s not possible etc"

TJoC, was honestly just a test, just to see, if I could make something "original" while still getting rid of the free-roam aspect that led to cancelling the previous games.

As much as I tried making finishing the game, I realized how boring the gameplay was after 30 minutes of playing, and even if I add a BIT of free-roam, I can’t change anything unless I remake the game from scratch which is in my opinion not worth it anymore.

I’m sorry, but I won’t force myself to make this game when I don’t want to do it myself, and yes, I know that I’m a huge dick right now, but I’m just sorry, I should’ve thought this through a lot more, stay tuned for TNaR!

Sincere apologies,


But if you take a look here:

You realize that our man Nikson became something more.

Made something he said he wouldn't do and it being something he is proud of no less!

Be proud of this man, thank him even.