Memory 1: BedroomEdit

Ignited Foxy

If you're worried about accidentaly looking at Ignited Foxy, then just know that he covers the lamp when he's standing up.

Ignited Chica

Be REALLY careful with Ignited Chica. When your sanity is at its lowest, she CAN actually kill you.

Secret cutscene

If you sleep for long enough, your bed will appear outside. You'll then eventually see Ignited Golden Freddy's head, and then you'll die. Another way you can get this to trigger is by dying to Ignited Chica (see above)

Memory 2: Living RoomEdit

Animatronic directions

Ignited Freddy comes from the right door, Ignited Foxy comes from the left door, and Ignited Bonnie comes through the double doors between said left and right doors. Ignited Chica does appear, when the player sits for too long, Chica growls and stun you. When it's 5 AM, Chica will kill you. The only way to make Chica stop growling is by standing up.

Fun Fact, when Ignited Freddy jumpscares you, his Upper Muzzle makes it look like he was feasting on Chicken Nuggets. :)

Memory 3: OfficeEdit

Ignited Chica

When she's still in the wall, looking at her will temporarily stun her, giving you more time to look for the cupcakes.

Ignited Chica's cupcakes

When Ignited Chica pops through the wall, 3 chrome-black cupcakes will appear throughout the Office and the 3 entrances. You can tell where a cupcake is by a high-pitched screaching.

Ignited Freddy

You have to flash Ignited Freddy 11 times before 6 AM. To check your progress, look above the middle entrance to see a clock. And while it won't track the time, it will tell you when you won't have to worry about Ignited Freddy anyomore. Every time you flash Freddy, the minute clock will move clockwise by 5 minutes. Once the minute hand has gone all the way around and is pointing at 6:05, (look for the tick on the very bottom of the clock) Ignited Freddy will have had enough with The Monster Slayer and won't bother you for the rest of the night. Fail, and you will be un-created.

Ignited Foxy

When a camera has been destroyed by Ignited Bonnie, if he wasn't already there, Ignited Foxy will never appear in the destroyed camera's entrance. If he already is, you're screwed.

Memory 4: Basement Edit

The Fallen

Each Fallen Endo behaves differently:

Endo C

Endo C either hides or "sleeps". Either way, if you get too close to her, she kills you.

Endo R

Endo R has the more annoying, scary, and also the weirdest mechanic. When you have an Endo R hallucination, you have to run to the bathroom with anywhere between 20 to 60 seconds to make it. If you don't, you're sent to an 'insane version of the basement, and a few seconds later, Endo R kills you. But this also sends you to a secret cutscene. For details, see Basement (Story Mode).

Endo B

He acts like a weeping angel: when you look away, he gets closer. Too close, and he kills you. That's basically it.

Endo F

Endo F is basically the opposite of Endo B. Look back, and he kills you. For more information, see Basement (Story Mode).

Memory 5: AtticEdit

Cameras and Doors

each night vision camera (the cameras that can be checked with the right hand moniter lever) shows what is going on at the OPPOSITE door than what the camera is assigned too. For example, the camera that says "right" actually shows the left hall, if you can call it that.

Endo B, Endo C, Endo R And Endo F

Endo B is Forgotten Freddy, Endo C is Forgotten Chica, Endo R is Forgotten Bonnie, and Endo F is Forgotten Foxy. Think of the Fazbear band's FNaF 1 counterparts: Endo C comes form the right door. And Endo B comes from the left door when the screen was in static, same as Endo C. The only one who doesn't stick with the rules is Endo R, who approaches from the right side instead of the left. Endo F approaches in the right side when the player cant see Endo F and Endo R in the screen. Endo F is where Endo R is, but Endo F is in the left side

Ignited Golden Freddy location

To complete the Attic, you need to flash Ignited Golden Freddy 12 times without Creation killing you. For Golden Freddy's whereabouts, he's in the basement.