Introduction Edit

The Office is the third playable night (memory) in The Joy of Creation: Story Mode. The player must once again defend themselves from the Ignited Animatronics, using the three monitors placed before them to help fend them off.

Gameplay Edit

The player must survive until 6 A.M., defending themselves from the four Ignited animatronics. Each animatronic behaves and attacks in a different style.

Three entrances surround the player, one to their left, one in front of them, and one to the right of the player. Each animatronic (with the exception of Ignited Chica) can appear at or near these entrances. Interacting with these entrances will allow you to look out them. The player will automatically flash their flashlight when opening an entrance.

There are also four interactable areas that can be searched, they are: 2 filing cabinets, a hole in the wall behind a Chica poster, and a trashcan. The player will also automatically flash their flashlight when looking in any of these areas.

This night brings back free-roam, introduced in the previous night (memory), as well as a camera system. The cameras can pan around by moving the mouse.

Like all other nights before, the room becomes more decrepit after 5 A.M.

Animatronic Behavior Edit

Ignited Foxy is active at the start of the night. Opening an entrance where he is will cause him to kill you, and waiting around will have a similar effect. The only way to get rid of Ignited Foxy is to stare at him through the cameras, causing him to shake and eventually growl at the camera and disappear. There can be more than one Ignited Foxy at a time, but no more than two. Ignited Foxy will never appear on a destroyed camera.

Ignited Freddy is active at the start of the night, and is unique in that he can't harm you until 6 A.M. If the player fails to flash Ignited Freddy eleven times before 5 A.M. occurs, he will stop the night at 6 A.M. and play a tune, then proceed to kill the player. If he does, a cutscene of a clock going to 6 A.M., then glitching back to 12 A.M., each time more decayed, until the phrase "come back" flashes on the screen. To repel him, the player must open the entrance he is at, the flashlight will make him go away. The player can check how many times they have repelled Ignited Freddy by the clock above the entrance in front of the monitors, the clock will move five minutes over each time the player repels Ignited Freddy from its starting position of 6:05. If the clock is on 6 o'clock, the player has successfully repelled Ignited Freddy for the rest of the night.

Ignited Chica only appears after a message from Scott saying that Ignited Chica will try to wiggle her way into the room, which occurs at about 1 A.M. The only way to get rid of her is to look for three blackened cupcakes, similar to those seen in Five Nights at Freddy's 3, and flash your light on them. The cupcakes will hide in the four different locations in the player's office, but they may appear outside of the office, too. You can stare at Ignited Chica to make her temporarily stop moving, giving the player more time to search for the cupcakes.

Ignited Bonnie only appears after a message from Scott talking about Ignited Bonnie smashing a camera, which occurs at about 3 A.M. Looking at him through the cameras will cause him to scream similar to when he jumpscares you, then smash said camera, making it unable to be used for the rest of the night. To avoid this the player simply must not look directly at him. Ignited Bonnie used to be able to kill the player if they opened a door containing him. This was removed in version 1.2.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first night where the player plays as Scott Cawthon.
    • This is also the only night where the calls are from the character the player plays.
    • This is also the only night where multiple calls can happen in one night.
  • Ignited Chica crawling out of the wall could be a reference to Grunkfuss the Clown from One Night at Flumpty's and One Night at Flumpty's 2, another FNaF fangame/parody.
  • The tune that Ignited Freddy plays when he confronts the player seems to be a slower, more decrepit version of the tune played by Freddy Fazbear from the first Five Nights at Freddy's game.
    • The whole scene where Ignited Freddy confronts the player may reference the power outage moment in FNaF.
      • This also may be confirmed by the fact that both animatronics play a similar tune, just outside of an entrance to the player's office.

Gallery Edit


A death tip confirming that Ignited Foxy cannot appear on destroyed cameras.

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