The Joy of Creation: Story Mode is the full release of The Joy Of Creation series. The game focuses on the lore of TJOC. The game takes place in Scott Cawthon's house, where Michael and other members of the household. 

The narrator of the story, Nick, receives a call from his friend Tobias that his childhood home was finally repaired. After waiting for a few decades, Nick re-enters the house and talks about how he had lived in the house with his mom, siblings, and father, Scott Cawthon, and tries to memorize what had happened the night that Five Nights at Freddy's had just ended, also saying this story is up to you to figure out.

In the Bedroom memory, Michael (for some reason) randomly ends up in Scott's house. One of Scott's children (Nick presumably), tells Scott that he had entered they're house, and so Scott Cawthon himself encounters Michael, questioning why Michael was there, saying he shouldn't barge in someone's house like that. The same child asked if the stranger was OK and Scott said Michael was alright, though looked confused. Scott asked Michael for his name and that if he didn't speak, he'd call the police, also asking if he was hurt. Scott's wife, Val, asked what was going on and the two argue for a bit until Michael speaks his name. Val also asks why Michael was in the house, and he said he just couldn't remember. Nick asks Scott if Michael could stay at the house since the sun was going down and had nowhere else to go. Scott complies and helps Michael up.

After the past events, Scott brought Michael to the guest room, while Val was busy putting Nick in bed, where in the present, Nick said Michael didn't see like a bad or dangerous person also saying he never knew what a burglar was as a kid and didn't speak to Michael for the rest of the night after that. During the night, a storm brewed which woke Nick up, and that's when he saw "them".

During the night, Nick receives a voicemail from Michael, telling him that there are some scary monsters out for Nick's blood, and gives him instructions that he should avoid sleeping and make sure the animatronics don't get to him until 6 A.M. Michael says Freddy will peak through the window, and must be blocked with curtains to avoid him seeing Nick. Bonnie will knock on the front door thee tirmes before busting it open. By this point, Nick must have the lights on and be hiding behind his crib. Chica will sometimes attempt to stun Nick by scaring him, and he must have the lights off and avoid sleeping for Chica to avoid him. Foxy hides underneath Nick's bed and if Nick sees his hook on the side of the bed, he must sleep to repel him. Michael also warns Nick to avoid looking at the animatronics too much, or else his sanity will decrease. Nick eventually manages to make it through the night.

Later on in the Living Room memory, Scott and Val are busy talking about if it really is OK for the stranger to be sleeping in their house next to the kids, with Val commenting Michael looked like he came out of a bonfire. Val tries to calm Scott's worries down by having him watch T.V. with her, but before that, Scott goes to another room to really make sure everything is OK. A few seconds later, the lights flicker in the living room, and Val questions what is going on.

Val receives a voicemail from Michael, questioning if anyone can hear him and where the family is, possibly inadvertently saying Scott's name in the process (which Val doesn't realize until later) also apologizing to her since he may have put her in grave danger. He tells her that monsters (the animatronics) are coming and whatever happens, he says "Don't let them see you". He asks if she was in the living room, and gives her advice on how to survive, and tells her she shouldn't get out of the room until 6 A.M. and to evacuate her children out of the house, while saying he'll find Scott and get him out when he can too. Val finally realizes he said Scott's name, questioning how he knew. But the call is interrupted, with Val calling out Michael's name. Nevertheless, Val makes it through the nightmare, and gets her children out of the house.

In the Office memory, Nick once again narrates the story, mentioning that Val getting him from his

Animatronics and Remnants of Joy (For Some Reason)  Edit

The Joy of Creation Story Mode Extra Menu

Characters (W.I.P) Edit

Nick Cawthon

Scott Cawthon
Val Cawthon
Michael Afton

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