Introduction Edit

The Bedroom is the first playable night (memory) in The Joy of Creation: Story Mode. The player must defend themselves from Ignited Freddy, Ignited Bonnie, Ignited Chica, and Ignited Foxy.

Gameplay Edit

The player must survive until 6 A.M., defending themselves from the four Ignited Animatronics. Each animatronic behaves and attacks in a different style.

The player can turn the light on and off, as well as sit in their crib and sleep. They can also close the curtains to ward off Ignited Freddy.

The player must also manage their sanity level. The player can check their current sanity by glancing at the device on the wall next to the main door, which starts out green, but goes to yellow, then orange, and finally red, as sanity decreases. Sanity increases while looking directly at the lamp, and decreases by looking directly at the animatronics. However, at around 5 A.M., the player's sanity will be reduced to the "red" state, and looking at the lamp will not bring the player back up from this state.

When the players sanity is "orange" or lower, their vision will start to lose color (black & white), become distorted, and hear high pitched ringing. They will also start to shake. The player will also start to hallucinate Shadow Animatronics in their bedroom. These do not cause any harm, but can be quite distracting to the player.

Running out of sanity will result in a game over, where your screen fades out and you wake up in the middle of a forest, followed by Ignited Golden Freddy appearing as well as the text: "COME BACK".

Animatronic Behavior Edit

There are four animatronics active, as previously described.

Ignited Freddy can attack as early as 12 am, and is the most aggressive of the characters. He has three phases. In the first phase, he will not be seen at all. In the second phase, he will knock once on the window, signalling that he is about to begin his attack. In the third phase, he will be looking through the window at the player and growl. When he is in this position, the player must hold the curtains closed until they hear the growl again. Delaying or neglecting to do so will cause Ignited Freddy to enter the room and attack a few seconds later. Ignited Freddy will not enter his third phase if Ignited Bonnie has just opened the door.

Ignited Bonnie will start attacking around 1 A.M., but can start as early as 12 A.M. He will knock on the players door 3 times in a row. Upon the third knock, the player must quickly turn the lights off and sit in the crib before Ignited Bonnie opens the door. Failure to do so will result in Ignited Bonnie rushing into the room and attack the player. Ignited Bonnie will not finish knocking if Ignited Freddy is in his third phase.

Ignited Chica will start attacking around 1-2 am. She comes from the closet, but, unlike Ignited Bonnie, gives a much quieter warning to her attack. When she peeks out of the closet, the player must turn off the lights and NOT be sleeping. If these requirements are not met, Ignited Chica will attack, stunning the player and rendering them helpless to the other animatronics for a few seconds. If your sanity is "red", Ignited Chica's jumpscare can kill you.

Ignited Foxy will start attacking around 2-3 am. He is underneath the player's crib, and will make scraping noises to warn of his attack. When the player sees Ignited Foxy's hook on the crib, they must quickly sleep to make him go away. He will not attack the player unless looked at, but will never go away until the player sleeps.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a Popgoes easteregg on this level. To activate it simply click on what appears to be a clock with the face of Popgoes the Weasel on it. This will cause the Popgoes' eyes to glow green and play part of the tune "Pop goes the Weasel".
  • When the player looses sanity, the death cut scene that plays strongly resembles the secret newspaper the player earns in The Attic
  • Ignited Golden Freddy can spawn in on this night.
    • The method of doing so is this: leave the message from Michael running and hold the curtain closed for around 10-20 seconds, or until he starts talking about Freddy. When you open the curtains again, Ignited Golden Freddy should appear.
      • This is also how to obtain the secret news article for the bedroom.
      • Ignited Golden Freddy is unable to harm the player unless they run out of sanity.

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