Were you looking for The Basement from The Joy of Creation: Reborn?

The Basement is the fourth night (memory) of The Joy of Creation: Story Mode. This takes place after the events of The Office, where the player once again takes control of Scott Cawthon?.

Pre-Night Cutscenes Edit

In the first Pre-night cutscene we have Nick Narrating a view of a wall of Way too many windows. talking about Spirits and how his father Scott made a game series about it that was really popular, then, just Stopped. then remarking that he doesn't believe in spirits because "Everything has to die, everything must come to an end." "Even if that end,

Comes Sooner than you'd want."

The Second Pre-Night Cutscene Scott is walking down to the basement, see's a Computer with the Phantom Eye's from Fnaf 3 on it and than remarks that "Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Your NOT them, Your just using your faces!" before asking "WHAT ARE YOU!?" in which Michael Replies "Y O U R C R E A T I O N S." before Knocking Scott out and Dragging him up to the Attic.

Phase 1 Edit

Animatronics included

  • Endo C [Mouth] Aka "Fallen Chica" "The Sleeping Angel"

Michael then wake's up, in the Basement's bathroom, and the player take's control of him.

Michael then see's a Wall of Security Monitor's that says the following to him.

"You are Awake" Screens fill with Phantom Eye's "You Exist to let us Out" Bottom Screen's Show Ignited Animatronics "Let us out" "Open the Way" "OR BURN WITH THE REST OF THEM" Bottom Screen's Show The Fallen Four

Michael then must walk up to the door, only to find that it's locked, and hear Yellow Bears Spectral Giggle. then, when he walks downstairs he see's visions saying "Don't Come Close!" "Come back" along with an image of the bathroom door. He goes back to the room outside the bathroom and finds the Only Animatronic of the First Phase

Fallen Chica, who if Michael gets too close to will Attack the player,

Michael must get back to the bathroom without disturbing Chica, once in the bathroom, you enter Phase 2

Phase 2 Edit

Animatronics included

  • Endo C [Mouth] Aka "Fallen Chica" "The Sleeping Angel"
  • Endo R [Blue] Aka "Fallen Bonnie" "The Creeping Angel"

The Second Phase of the basement is the least Scripted of the bunch.

When Michael Comes out of the Bathroom the Monitors say the following

"We come from the Fire" "But our bodies need shape" Bottom Screen's Show the Fazbear 4's lost Items "Bring his creations to us" "to IGNITE our Flame"

Now Michael must get the Fazbear 4's Lost items, and put them in the furnace. which include

  • Freddy's Hat

Freddy's hat is under the farthest right of the Security monitors on the shelf.

Picking it up will Cause Chica to spawn next to the Furnace making it unuseable Until Michael goes to the top of the stairs to make Chica Move away from the furnace.

  • Bonnie's Guitar

Bonnie's Guitar is inside the left of the two lockers located near the Furnace, make sure to check the left and not the right, Cause that's where Chica Sleeps.

  • Chica's Cupcake

Chica's cupcake is hidden behind a poster of 1983 Chica at the bottom of the stairs (Much like in the Office) Michael must wait for Chica to stop growling in order to grab it, other wise Chica will attack Michael when he tries to grab it.

  • Foxy's Pirate Hook

Foxy's hook is in the trash can just below his poster located in the room outside the bathroom. Picking it up will cause Chica to move to in front of the bathroom door until Michael goes to the top of the stairs.

Michael must also worry about Bonnie, who will cause Michael to go insane with his presence.

Normally heralded by a screen of Bonnie reaching out to Michael flashing up with the words "You are not safe." but it is possible for it to skip that screen and have the first warning be the anxious heartbeat of Michael.

If Michael does not go back to the bathroom the world will go into Insane mode, and Bonnie will charge and attack the player, then before the game over, Michael will wake up inside the furnace with all four of the Fallen looking at him, before the furnace is turned on With Michael Inside!

Once Michael has burned all 4 items he then must go back to the Bathroom to end Phase 2

Phase 3 Edit

Animatronics included

  • Endo B [Angel] Aka "Fallen Freddy" "The Weeping Angel"
  • Endo C [Mouth] Aka "Fallen Chica" "The Sleeping Angel"

When Michael leaves the Bathroom the Monitors say the following.

"Many Shapes all similar, but different" "All keeping us in here with YOU" "the One he calls 'Michael'." Posters of Fnaf 1-4 Appear on Lower Screen's "In the Stories He Formed" "Find the Key to fit the lock" "Avoid the One's lost to the fire" "Give him to us and we promise" "His Kindred to fill your desires"

Michael then finds that the doorway between the Left and Right rooms of the basement has a prison door, with a keypad next to it. Using the posters on the wall as hints he puts in the code "9632" and the door opens

Allowing Freddy to get in.

Michael must use Freddy's Fallen Angel tactics to lure him to one side while making his way to the other, and lock him in the left Room.

Then Michael must use More Posters as hints to put "2541" into a second keypad, which opens the way to the staircase and gives him the key to the Locked Door.

but the Staircase is Blocked off by pipes, and once the key is grabbed the Door between the rooms opens and Freddy disapears. Michael then must go back to the Bathroom to end Phase 3

Phase 4 Edit

Animatronics included

  • Endo F [Red] Aka "Fallen Foxy" "The Sweeping Angel"

in this one Michael walks out of the Bathroom to see a dark hallway of Pipes, he walks half way there and then he see's an image of Foxy and is told to keep going and not look back.

But if he turns around and goes towards foxy, than he can quickly grab the secret newspaper of the Basement just before getting attacked by Foxy.

if he keeps going forward and doesn't look back or stop He should have just enough time to make it to the door. (But sometimes its lags and the player won't have enough time even if they never stop.)

Phase 5 Edit

Animatronics included

  • Endo B [Angel] Aka "Fallen Freddy" "The Weeping Angel"
  • Endo C [Mouth] Aka "Fallen Chica" "The Sleeping Angel"

Upon leaving the bathroom again the Monitors say the following as their Final message.

"We Act, We Pose, We Play, We Stop, We Stare, We Scream." "We bring his visions to live" (Likely referring to all the things Scott made the Digital models of the animatronics do in order to Make the Fnaf Games.)

"Because that is how we live" "Feeding From THE JOY OF CREATION, AND BURNING WHAT REMAINS"

Screen's Fill up with Ignited Yellow Bears Face. then the screen says "HE REMAINS"

Then the whole room goes permanently into Insane mode, and Starts playing the "Insane/Foxy's Ambience" Clip on Loop.

The Three doors to the left open up allowing for 2 Fallen Freddy's to start moving towards Michael, Michael must Make his way around them get to the end without getting caught by the Freddy's or Disturbing the Chica's

and then he must hit a button on the right wall to release the third Freddy and open the way to get to the Staircase.

(Tip to easily get past ALL three Freddys, go back and lure all 3 as far back to the bathrooms direction as possible)

Once he gets to the top of the staircase, he uses the key to open the door, but the door itself disappears.

Michael then must go back to the Bathroom to end Phase 5

Dying in this Phase gives the Game over hint"Open the way, Michael." Confirming that we aren't playing as Scott but rather as Michael.

Phase 6 Edit

On Phase six Everything is back to the way it was before Michael Knocked Scott out.

No wall of security monitors, no multiple rooms, Just Scott's Trusty computer showing One of the images from that was for the Aniversary of Five Nights at Freddy's

And the door is back where it belongs too, and Now Michael can finally Escape.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only night where the player can always freely move.
    • It's also the only night where there is no message of any
  • The Beginning of this Night is the First time in which Michael act's aggressive to anyone in the Cawthon Family
    • This could mean that the basement could take place before it's respective Pre-Night cutscene and that and sometime during the basement or just after the basement could be when Michael went Evil.

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