Attic: or The Attic is where Ignited Foxy resides at. Like the basement, it is filled with many crates and shelves. Unlike the basement, the floor, ceiling and walls are wooden.

It is one of the stages in The Joy of Creation: Reborn.

TJoC: R Edit

Unlike the other stages, you are given approximately 90 seconds (1 minute and 30 seconds). Which gives you quite a bit of time to complete your objective. Your objective is to find all of the 5 objects while also being chased by Ignited Foxy. [[xxx]]


Ignited Foxy momentarily stunned.

To survive Ignited Foxy's peril, you should avoid turning your flashlight on straightaway when you enter the game. Instead, when you see the shadowed silhouette of Ignited Foxy approaching you and stop, you have an opportunity to escape.

If Ignited Foxy happens to find you while you're searching for the objects, his eyes will glow white and he will pause for a second. If you do not shine the light on Ignited Foxy, he will proceed to attack you. Doing so, he will be momentarily stunned, which gives you a chance to escape him.


Nikson had confirmed in a Game jolt post that Ignited Foxy's difficulty depends on the player.


Same with Ignited Chica.