Sanity Edit

Sanity is a gameplay mechanic of The Joy of Creation: Story Mode which appears in every night except the Basement and the Attic.


The player can check their current sanity by glancing at the device on the wall next to the main door, which starts out green, but goes to orange, then yellow, and finally red, as the sanity decreases. Sanity increases while looking directly at the lamp, but decreases by looking directly at the animatronics. At 5 am the player will automatically drop to the red state of sanity, no matter what sanity state the player currently was at. Looking back at the lamp after this point doesn't bring sanity back up. Once the player reaches the orange level of sanity, they will start to experience the following:

The screen starts shaking lightly to heavily, depending on current sanity level.

The environment around you starts losing color, turning black and white, and the player starts seeing shadowy figures.

A dark fluid will start to ooze out of the ceiling.

The final effect of sanity occurs when you have no sanity left: your screen fades out, with you appearing in the middle of a forest, followed by Ignited Golden Freddy appearing and the words "come back" flashing on your screen, causing a game over.



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