Ignited Golden freddy
Ignited Golden Freddy in story mode extras by Jakub42042
Character Information
First appearance The Joy of Creation: Story Mode

Ignited Golden Freddy, also known as Golden Freddy is an antagonist in The Joy of Creation: Story Mode, and a possible hallucination. He first appears in Night 1: Bedroom


Ignited Golden Freddy's head is nearly identical to Ignited Freddy’s, but the animatronic's textures are a dirty gold instead of brown. His eyes are black, with white pupils appearing at times. Like Ignited Freddy, the suit covering of his shins and his left forearm is gone, exposing the Endoskeleton. His left arm's shoulder suit is also missing. 

Behavior Edit

Ignited Golden Freddy first appears in The Bedroom, if you completely lose sanity (or Chica jumpscares you when your sanity is red). At any time, a cut-scene will play where the player wakes up in their crib in the middle of a forest, before Ignited Golden Freddy appears and a flash of text that reads "COME BACK". During the same night, if the player holds down the curtains during the call from Michael for around 10-20 seconds, Ignited Golden Freddy will appear in the place of Ignited Freddy, but will quickly disappear, causing a newspaper to spawn on the poster.

Secret Appearances Edit

In the Bedroom, hold the curtains closed until Michael tells you that Freddy is outside the window. Opening the curtains will reveal Ignited Golden Freddy staring at Nick through the window. After about 1 second, he will disappear, and a newspaper snippet will appear on the CELEBRATE! poster behind the crib. This snippet is actually a hidden piece of the newspaper article from the end of Five Nights at Freddy's 3. It details the real Scott Cawthon having waking nightmares about Bonnie sneaking into his bedroom at night for some reason.

In The Living Room, the player must sit down on the couch, switch the camera view to Ignited Freddy, and hold down the pause button for around 10-20 seconds. The player must then go look through the keyhole where Ignited Bonnie comes through, looking through the keyhole will show Ignited Golden Freddy briefly, before disappearing. A hidden snippet of a newspaper article detailing the success of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise will then appear above the door handles, allowing the player to grab it.

In The Office, the player must simply open the double doors in front of the monitors, where Ignited Golden Freddy will be standing there briefly, before disappearing. This will reveal another hidden newspaper snippet, which can be found in the top drawer of filing cabinet closest to Ignited Chica. It details Scott's Family searching for him after the blaze.

In the Basement, while in Endo F's hall, turn around after being told not to, and walk. After a few steps, a newspaper snippet will be on the wall. The player must be very careful when grabbing this, however, as waiting too long will result in Endo-F rushing the player from the front. This snippet details a notorious arsonist finally being arrested. This arsonist is believed to be Michael.

In the Attic, wait until Ignited Golden Freddy appears on a camera. Then, honk the Golden Freddy plushie's nose 10 times, and turn around. If done correctly you should hear Ignited Golden Freddy laugh. Then turn around. A hand-drawn note will then appear on the plushie's face. Click the note, and it will appear in the Attic's hidden newspaper slot. The note displays one message written in red, "COME BACK TO US NICK". The background of the image displays a silhouette of Ignited Golden Freddy standing in front of a forest.

All methods of spawning Ignited Golden Freddy is also how the player can obtain the secret news article, with the exception of the game over encounter in The Bedroom.

He makes one last appearance in the Attic, where he plays a vital role in success. He can appear in any room besides the Attic cameras. The player must pull the breaker switch to "attack" him. With each successful attack, the Golden Freddy Plushie on the desk will slowly glitch out. Doing so 12 times will result in beating the level. However, Golden Freddy can also appear behind the player as a disembodied head. If this happens, the player must immediately turn back toward the monitor or Golden Freddy will kill the player.

Trivia Edit

  • Ignited Golden Freddy first appeared in the bedroom demo. 
  • Ignited Golden Freddy's jumpscare in Story Mode is very similar to his jumpscare from the original Five Nights at Freddy's
  • ignited golden Freddy knows how to destroy/ burn stuff 

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