Ignited Bonnie
Character Information
Species Animatronic Bunny
Gender Male
Color Lavender Purple
Occupation Lead Singer in the Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Band
Starting location Basement: Ignited Bonnie
First appearance Basement: Ignited Bonnie, and as easter egg in First Floor: Ignited Freddy and Forest: Ignited Chica.
Ignited Bonnie or Bonnie, is an antagonist for The Joy of Creation: Reborn. He was built to represent Bonnie the Bunny from Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, and is one of the Ignited Animatronics.

Ignited Bonnie's appearance is very similar to Withered Bonnie from Five Nights at Freddy's 2.


Ignited Bonnie doesn't hold a guitar like the original Bonnie had.
Ignited Bonnie Story mod jumpscare

Jumpscare in living room

His left arm is replaced by wires spouting out of his shoulder while his right arm was reduced to a withered gray endoskeleton.

Ignited Bonnie seems to have two rows of teeth; the endoskeleton teeth are noticeably much smaller than the outmost set of teeth.

Like Withered Bonnie, Ignited Bonnie has wires dangling down from his forehead, covering some of his endoskeleton's head.

Unlike the other animatronics, he does not sport luminous white eyes. Replacing the aforementioned, he has dimmer red eyes.

Ignited Bonnie is a little bit similar to Springtrap in FNaF 3 due to one of his ears being broken in half.


TJoC: R Free-Roam Test

Ignited Bonnie's red eyes are not seen within the glowing eyes of the other Ignited Animatronics. His dark silhouette can be seen very faintly, with only his red pupils flashing.



Ignited Bonnie's jumpscare (Click to animate).

Ignited Bonnie starts within the basement hallways of the house, and is significantly faster than Freddy. The glow of his red eyes and the thumps of his feet warn you when he is approaching. When you see or hear him, you must run until you are far enough away from Ignited Bonnie. If he is chasing the player, turning as many corners as possible while running will slow him down slightly. Ignited Bonnie will begin to chase the player as soon as they enter his line of sight.

If you fail the objective, he will automatically turn towards the player's current position and chase them, eventually ending the game.

Story Mode

Living Room

Ignited Bonnie will approach the Living Room from the door behind the player's couch. There is no camera to monitor or delay his progress. The player must instead look through the keyhole to monitor his progress. If the player sees Bonnie's eye staring straight through the keyhole, the player must hide on the side of the door, behind where the doors will open.


Ignited Bonnie will attack you from the door. He will knock approximately 3 times, then enter. Hide in your bed and turn off the light to avoid him.It may also appear next to a lit lamp.


At about 3 AM, Ignited Bonnie will start appearing in the cameras, hanging around the corners at the edges of the camera's view. Looking at Bonnie while he is there will lead to him breaking the camera, preventing you from warding off Ignited Foxy from that direction for the remainder of the night.


  • Ignited Bonnie's head seems to resemble Withered Bonnie.
    • The wires replacing his left hand resemble Withered Bonnie as well.
  • When crouching in a specific location of the basement, Ignited Bonnie won't see you and will walk away.
    • However, if you crawl out of your hiding spot and turn your flashlight on as he's walking away, he'll turn back around and run at you with his legs bent.
  • His jumpscare seems to show him punching you, with an extremely loud thunk at the end.
    • This is very similar to Doug's jumpscare in one of Nikson's other games, Those Nights at Rachel's.

Ignited Bonnie
Character Information
Species Animatronic Bunny
Gender Male
Color Brown
Occupation Former entertainer at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza
Starting location Right Door
First appearance Survival Mode
Ignited Bonnie or Bonnie is an antagonist for The Joy of Creation. There isn't much difference between these versions of Ignited Bonnie.


Ignited Bonnie has dimmer red pupils than his The Joy of Creation: Reborn version. He also seems to have a darker texture on himself, though it may be just the lighting.

If you happen to brighten up or view his model, it will show that his pupils are small red-textured spheres.


Ignited Bonnie will start out-of-view in the hallway behind the left doorway. After a 25 seconds or so, he will slowly open the door. He will make a little creaking sound while opening the door.


If you are too slow at flashing the light at him, then he will instantly jumpscare you. This behaviour is also shared by Ignited Freddy and Ignited Chica. 


  • If you get jumpscared by Ignited Bonnie, he will show his sphere-like pupils for a second.

Gameplay Screenshots

Title Screen Screenshots

The Joy of Creation: Reborn

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