The flashlight, as it appears in gameplay.

The Flashlight is a mechanic used in both The Joy of Creation and The Joy of Creation: Reborn and is the only way of seeing around the place and/or defending yourself against Ignited Chica and Ignited Foxy.

The Flashlight can be activated by pressing the F key at any time and will bring the Flashlight up to the bottom right side. It's stylized as a regular, normal use flashlight with a simple black coat of paint and a concave reflector to shine a light.


  • Allows you to momentarily blind Ignited Foxy.
    • This only works while he is sprinting towards you.
  • Allows you to see through the dark.
  • Allows you to spot the objects.
  • The flashlight has infinite power, meaning it can't run out.


  • Whilst running with the flashlight on will cause to have it bounce up and down.
    • It is recommended to not run with it on in the attic.
  • If you shine it at Ignited Chica up close, her eyes will turn blood red and will attack you.
  • If you happen to turn your flashlight on behind an animatronic, s/he will happen to see the light and will turn around to attack you.

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