Were you looking for the animatronic, Ignited Freddy?


First Floor: Ignited Freddy or just the First Floor is where Ignited Freddy resides at and is one of the four challenges. It is like a modern but old-fashioned home. There are props and items almost anywhere in the hallways.

There are some open windows throughout the hallways with some bushes and branches sticking in. On the ceiling, there are some chandeliers that are alight.

TJoC: R Free-Roam Test


Ignited Freddy as he appears to be when you select his stage.

When you select the only stage; Ignited Freddy's. The player will start off in the entrance hallway. The player must enter the main house consisting with the old-fashioned portraits and props.

The player must run away from Ignited Freddy if they spot a light in the distance bobbing up and down (Or if the player hears clanking and creaking, run away until the player cannot hear it any longer).

A strategy to survive Ignited Freddy is to find his back and sneak up behind him while he is walking. This strategy has been used a lot and is sometimes found very amusing (Though, this strategy can backfire if he turns around).


The player can choose between which mode they will play in this, Endless Mode (Which is similar to Survival Mode, and is the same as the free-roam test) or Objective Mode. The First Floor's objective mode is the first stage in The Joy of Creation: Reborn.

In the First Floor's Objective mode, the player will have to run around trying to find the five objects that the game has set out. The player has 1 minute to do so. If the player manages to find all of the objects, then the mode will become similar to Endless Mode, where the player will be hunted by Ignited Freddy. When the player completes the challenge, they will see a tick next to 'Freddy'.


  • There is a lot of eastereggs that are hidden outside of the building.
  • When sneaking up behind Ignited Freddy, if the player turns on the flashlight, he will turn around and come running at the player, almost instantly ending the challenge.
  • Ignited Freddy is also known to get stuck on walls, obstacles, and the doorways. It is unknown why this happens.
    • It may be the fact that his body is too big to fit through most of the map.
    • Nikson said he won't fix Freddy.
  • If the player looks at a certain window in particular cases, you may be able to see Ignited Foxy running past the window, as shown in 8-BitRyan's play-through