Endo F
Endo F in story mode extras by Jakub42042
Character Information
Known as Red
Color Silver
Starting location Basement
First appearance The Joy of Creation: Story Mode

Endo F, also known as Red, is an antagonist in The Joy of Creation: Story Mode.


Endo F is an extremely withered endoskeleton. It is completely covered in wires, especially in the right side of its face and torso, The thighs are also covered by the wires. Its right eye is missing, and the left eye is similar to the other fallen's eyes, but red in color. Endo F's arms are completely gone, in a fashion similar to Withered Chica (Five Nights at Freddy's 2), with wires pouring out.

Gameplay Edit

Endo F appears in puzzle 4 of The Basement, where the player must walk down a long hallway and is told to not look back. Looking back or stopping will cause Endo F to attack the player, causing an immediate game over.

Endo F later appears in The Attic, where he will approach from the left entrance. If the player hears footsteps coming from the left, they must shut the left door to prevent Endo F from getting inside.


  • Endo F was first revealed in the Release Date trailer for the Story Mode. 
  • Some people thought Endo F was Ennard from Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, but this ended up being false. 
  • An explanation for its lack of arms, could be due to Foxy's arms becoming part of Creation.
  • The F in Endo F's name could mean Fox, as Endo F is implied to be a Foxy Endoskeleton.
    • The "Red" part in it might be a reference to Foxy's fur color, too.
      • The wires around it's right eye could possibly reference Foxy's eyepatch as well.  
      • However, unlike Ignited Foxy, Endo F has both of his ears, whereas Foxy only has one ear.  


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