Endo B
Endo B in story mode extras by Jakub42042
Character Information
Color Silver
Starting location Basement
First appearance The Joy of Creation: Story Mode

Endo B, also known as "Angel", is an antagonist in The Joy of Creation: Story Mode during both The Attic and The Basement Levels. It is one of The Fallen Animatronics found within the game.

It is the lost endoskeleton of Freddy.

Appearance Edit

Endo B (Angel) is a withered Endoskeleton based on the FNAF 2 Endoskeletons. Its body is covered with loose wires with its right ear missing, along with seemingly absent eyes and a lack of a lower jaw. "Angel"s posture usually has one of its hands covering the area its eyes should be while the other reaches out as if to find something to lean on. Endo B's Jumpscare has its eyeless face and will pop up directly in your face.

The stance Endo B commonly takes resembles that of a person who's been recently blinded.


In The Basement, Endo B will attempt to catch the player and jumpscare them. However, it will only move if its body is completely off-screen, meaning that the player must maintain constant eye contact with the animatronic as they attempt to leave the basement, and should only look away for a brief moment to check the position of the other animatronics. Once the player has reached the stairwell, Endo B will stop chasing the player.

Endo B also has similar behaviour to Endo C in the attic, it will appear in the cameras and when it disappears, the corresponding door will have to be closed until it runs into the door. Failure to do so leads to a jumpscare.

Trivia Edit

  • Endo B is the least damaged out of The Fallen.
  • Despite being implied to be the endoskeleton of Ignited Freddy, Endo B has hands while Ignited Freddy's are missing, and Ignited Freddy still has his eyes.
    • However, the "B" in Endo B's name may stand for "Bear", so it could be a different Freddy Endoskeleton.
  • It's secondary name is a reference to the Weeping Angels from the British Sci-Fi TV Show (Doctor Who), as It's behavior is rather similar.
  • According to the majority of the community, Endo B is the most difficult Fallen to evade.
  • The Behind the Scenes of Endo B (Angel) show Endo B with both his eyes, lower jaw and both ears intact.


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