Creation in story mode extras by Jakub42042
Character Information
Gender Male
Color Grey-ish blue (suit parts) and Silver (Endo)
Starting location Attic
First appearance The Joy of Creation: Story Mode

Creation is the final antagonist in The Joy of Creation: Story Mode. He seems to be an amalgamation of the original four Ignited Animatronics.

Appearance Edit

Creation is a mangled mix of Ignited Freddy, Ignited Bonnie, Ignited Chica and Ignited Foxy. As such, he has many of their features. Creation's upper head belongs to Ignited Freddy, now lacking both ears, with wires coming out of where they used to be. The lower jaw is Ignited Bonnie's. Both suit parts are now a dull grey-ish blue. The animatronic's torso and limbs are exposed endoskeleton parts, covered in wires, similar to the Fallen. Creation has four arms. The first set are Ignited Foxy's. A lower set, located under the first, is possibly Ignited Freddy's, although it could also be Ignited Chica's as both lack forearms. The bowtie it wears belongs to Ignited Bonnie. Like Nightmare Mangle from Five Nights at Freddy's 4: Halloween Edition, Creation has three legs. Two of these are Ignited Chica's, indicated by the suit feet they have. A third leg is completely bare, and extends from behind. It is unknown who this foot belongs to. Creation's eyes are glowind and red.

Gameplay Edit

Creation starts in the Basement Camera, and will slowly make his way to the attic in an attempt to kill the player. In each camera, he will start far away, but will come closer when he is about to damage an obstacle. To prevent this, the player must use the flash breaker to drive him back to its first position. Delaying or neglecting this task will cause Creation to damage the obstacle. Once Creation has destroyed the final obstacle, he will rush up the trapdoor behind the player and kill them.

Trivia Edit

  • Creation is very similar to Ennard from Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, as both are animatronics that usethe endoskeletons of the other animatronics in their respective games.
  • In the Extras menu, whenever the player rotates Creation, his eyes seem to follow the player.
  • The player can actually finish the night before Creation can finish coming up the trapdoor.
    • This does require some luck, though.
  • When Creation is attacking the player, he appears to be green.
    • This could just be a lighting error.
  • When the player dies to Ignited Chica in The Living Room, the player can see through what may be the eyes of Creation.
    • This is seen when it hits the door with its hook whilst having a Freddy head.
    • However, this might be Ignited Springtrap

Gallery Edit

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